If I could choose to be born between the early sixties to the mid seventies, I would do so with all the panache I have in me. The evocative feels of the very golden era was accentuated by my mother’s love of Audrey Hepburn. I remember those balmy Saturday afternoons nearly fourteen years ago, when I sat watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Roman Holiday and My Fair lady with her, like yesterday. Before I knew it, I was moon-struck with this queen of gamine beauty and her ability to look completely feminine in the most boyish of garbs. Retro to me defines finesse in style, in personality and all that history behind the exquisitely crafted buttons and hemlines.


Flash forward, i made a very docile attempt to recreate a retro look with the classic cat eye, bold red lip and some 60s style bodice (the vintage filter and the 1965 Toyota Camry did extend a helpful hand, with love). When it comes to styling, i follow a minimalistic ritual. All i need is one statement piece- be it a bold lip, an outstanding segment of any ornament or even those reflective gold aviators, I let my ensemble do most of the talking.  


I love bustiers for an effortless formal look. They can amp up a whole appearance without overwhelming an attire. The key is to always pipe down the look with minimal jewellery and a statement other half- here i chose a Keepsake the label Skirt. Which is an outstanding Australian designer label, that provides for fresh, unique and eloquent designer staples. Notice the pattern, texture and the slight slit above the left knee. It has a sultry appeal without overindulging. This is yet another remarkable detail i love in a clothing piece- that element of mystery. 




IMG_20160204_200008 2


Keepsake the Label To be free bodice, Keepsake the label Skirt, Windsorsmith Silver ring, Portmans Black Mules

Until next time ❤


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