I often recognise myself as a person who loves styling for comfort which can wigwag anywhere between minimalistic and elegant. I generally do not strut down Glam street, but if I do, I make sure I so it with an abundance of panache and vivacity! 

Glamour to me is metamorphosing your everyday self into your other invisible self that exudes enchantment, something like a secret weapon. Therefore in today’s feature I would like to bring forth my favourite weapon of style: Glamour ! 


Its no secret that i love delicate fashion apparel. I love lace, delicate meshwork and intricate embroidery that emanates eminence and beauty. However in this particular feature I chose to wear a see-through mesh bodysuit with black embroidery making  it standout on its own. The bodysuit is from one of my favourite store called Bardot, which is particularly famous for its outward and striking evening wear. 


There is something magnetic about high waisted, flared pants to me. Not only it makes your legs look longer, it gives you a very understated sexy appeal. These navy blue ones are from Bardot as well and may I add- one of the best high waisted pants i own !  




I am wearing my silver disc earnings and ring from Mimco. Mimco is an Australian luxury and lifestyle brand that brings out unique jewellery and other apparel that is sourced from  sustainable farming and raw materials. I am also carrying the Michael Kors Selma Leather Satchel for bag that compliments my outfit with sass. 


Lastly for I am wearing two sunglasses- the silver framed, mirrored ones are from Quay Australia that resonates well with the minimalist silver jewellery i am wearing. The black aviators are Ray Ban that sits well with the black embroidery of the bodysuit. Finally for shoes, I am wearing my favourite black peep toes from Windsor Smith. 



Lastly, glam up! you babe thing, over there! Make it worth your while, make it worth your style. It does not have to be over the top or too much or too little- it just has to be you, what you feel glamours in ! Its actually very liberating to unleash your secret weapon – time and again.   








Amrita Sur Photography

Bardot Beige Mesh Bodysuit; Bardot High waisted Pants; Mimco Earings; Mimco Silver Ring; Michael Kors Selma Satchel; Quay Australia Mirrored Sunglasses; Ray ban Aviators; Windsor Smith Black Strappy peep toes 

I am inserting looks that match closely to mine (If my look is sold out)

  1. Camellia Bodysuit (Exact Match) 😉
  2. High waisted pants
  3. Silver earrings
  4. Michael Kors Selma
  5. Silver Mirrored Sunglasses
  6. Black Aviators
  7. Black peep toes


Until next time ❤











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