I am so ready to pick up where we left off! Only, a lot as changed since we were last here. A LOT. For starters I got married, yay! Then I travelled a bit, hurrah! and then I got real sick, argh! and now we are locked down in our own cages to save the world, oh the irony! All in all I’d say it was an “interesting” 2020 for me, so far. How about you?

As we sit at home looking for entertainment or inspiration, I decided to finally crack down on my blog and re-introduce it back in the world for the greater human good (if only)!

So without further ado – lets talk fashion and style and everything we can’t do right now ! Whilst I sit trying to control my obsessive need to make sure my 2020 comeback is pristine, we all know thats not happening, with all our limited resources and access to outdoors (ahem)! Anyways as I sit crying and editing my blog with all that gorgeous long hair and hoping it will all grow back in 6 months – lets keep the words small and photos big !

As we enter autumn sitting right here inside the comforts of our respective homes in our sweats, we can all do with some outfit inspiration. And Lordy knows I have been looking forward to posting this outfit that I so want to wear as soon as we are free of this pandemic. A very simple ensemble of a mini shiny Vinyl pleather skirt from NA-KD, a plain white tee from DKNY. and a bright pop of colour with my long cardigan from Free People.

The breakthrough though was see through socks with some Calvin Klein Stills !

With some minimal jewellery, sunnies and a crossbody, I am ready to hit downtown food truck scene !!!

So even though we are all stuck inside, I am not ashamed to declare that – Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life – as rightly said by Bill Cunningham – and I do dress up occasionally 😀

Anyways, stay safe everyone and stay home and spread the fashion love !

Leah Tolley Photography

Until next time ❤️

5 thoughts on “Back with a banger !

  1. Fantastic and excellent. Love it 100% but some photographs appeared to me repetitive. May be could figure out the small differences.


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