Rejoice! As I am back with the second part of my three part series called “The Monochrome Syndrome”. This edit tries to capture the allure and mystery of the monochromatic colours at night.  

This is a very different take on my usual style of posts and I have savoured every bit while creating it. This post also marks the 10th blog post on Her Style Saga, I would like to dedicate this post to my sister and photographer for this edit, without whom, I wouldn’t be posting this 🙂

That being said, hopefully you enjoy the second part of the series and I hope this one inspires you to take your boring boarding room garb straight to the club room. 

Ayona Pub_01_pp

My favourite part about this post is that it showcases same outfit, same night, same vibe… but two looks- to channel that corporate woman into a sultry fashionista as the night progresses.

So, lets stylise a scenario. Its Friday night and you need to head out after work for dinner and drinks with friends/colleagues, but you don’t have the luxury of time to head home and change, yet you need to look and feel like a “bawse”;) So my tip would be to pack a small statement bag and a few rings in the morning to work and the rest can take care of itself. 


I love wearing neckties or thin neck neck scarves (however you chose to call them) with formal shirts for work tied across in a ribboned pattern. In the picture below, I am wearing a white chiffon shirt from Guess and a silk neck scarf from Bardot. I love the fact how it makes the ensemble so chic yet, corporate. I am also wearing a faux leather skirt that has an uneven hemline (thus, my love affair with uneven hemmed skirts solemnly continues) from Kookai. 


I am bringing in some colour under the starry skies with my bright tangerine coloured cross body bag from Armani Jeans and Red Suede heels from Keepsake. I am also wearing two statement finger rings, both from Colette. 


Dinner was a chic success. Now before we head for a few drinks, a quick visit to the ladies room is obligatory. Peel off the necktie from the collar and drape it across your neck like a choker. Undo a few buttons of your shirt and roll up the sleeves, lastly untie your hair, spritz some your favourite perfume (FYI mine is Olympea, by Paco Rabanne, just in case you were wondering ;)) and now… lets take on the night ! 😉


Ayona Pub_02-2 (1)

Ayona Pub_01-9

Ayona Pub_01-10



Finally, I want to thank all of you for the wonderful night and for spending the Friday evening with me! Now that my feet hurts and all I want is a cozy bed, I want to bid farewell, until we met again. Goodnight night-owls 🙂 



Amrita Sur Photography

Lena Thai HMUA

Bardot Alto Silk Scarf; Guess White Chiffon Shirt; Kookai Leather Skirt; Lovisa Silver Ring; Armani Jeans crossbody bag; Keepsake Bridges Heel in Red

I am inserting looks that match closely to mine (If my look is sold out)

  1. White Chiffon Shirt (Exact Match)
  2. Black Leather Skirt
  3. Skinny Satin Neck Tie
  4. Red Suede Heels
  5. Armani Jeans Crossbody (Similar)


Until Next time ❤










3 thoughts on “The Monochrome Syndrome II

  1. Best post yet! I like the transition and the story telling! Its getting better each time!! Keep them coming 🙂


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