Hey Guys, thanks again for dropping by to read and reflect on my final edit for this fashionable month of May. This one in particular is a bit special as it features one my favourite seasons for fashion- Autumn. 

Autumn is a darling for many reasons- changing colour of leaves, the warmth and vibrance of reds and oranges that blanket the green from the departing season. Everything somehow becomes richer, grander and so does the changing face of fashion.

This transition is what makes my heart sing.  


Talking of transition, I love transitional pieces for Autumn. A standout piece that reflects the season’s change, colour and hue. As much as I love planning cozy, fuzzy outfits for fall, there is something innately sad about the summer trends fading away. Me, for example who is a “shopomaniac” (yep, i have transitioned from shopaholic as well), thinks of all the summer shopping i did a month ago. What do i do!?- transition it ! 

Investing in a good transitional piece is a must for any fashion lover- like a trench coat or a leather jacket. Not only will it pair well with a black turtleneck cashmere jumper for winter, but also over a floral cotton dress for summer. See? So versatile, so transitional.


Here, I am wearing a sleeveless, burnt orange trench coat from Zara, that’s not only a very versatile number, its also very chic. I am wearing this with a navy blue lace jumpsuit. The jumpsuit is a very striking piece for a night-out or a cocktail dinner, but the trench coat drags most of the attention towards itself and almost makes the jumpsuit day-time appropriate. 


The jumpsuit was a very unique find from this amazing Sydney based online boutique called “Esther Boutique”. Its basically a corset that’s masked with a beautiful lace and mesh overlay with intricate details of leaves and branches on it. It exudes a certain sass and sex appeal, that allows you to amp it up or down according to your comfort. I paired it with simple black suede stilettos, from Wittner. 



I have literally and quite deliberately not accessorised this outfit. There is a lot going on, and its was necessary for me to let the trench coat take the centre stage. I am, however wearing a cluster of metallic bangles/bracelets, that were a gift from a good friend years ago. They bring an earthy feel to the whole ensemble. As we all know silver, orange and blue are a (colour) match made in heaven- so I didn’t even have to try 😉 



I am also carrying a simple black clutch from Colette to reflect the shoes and keep the attention to the trench coat. Finally some oversized sunglasses, from Marc Jacobs. 




I hope you found some inspiration to incorporate more transitional pieces to your everyday outfits. Wherever you are, whichever season you choose to love, always make sure that there is something about your outfit that is different, in sync with that season, that reflects how you feel, who you are and how you portray yourself… to the world. 





@Peter Berzanskis Photography

@Lena Thai HMU

Esther Boutique Lace Navy Blue Jumpsuit; Zara Sleeveless Orange trench Coat; Wittner Black Stilettos; Colette Clutch bag; Marc Jacobs Sunglasses

I am inserting looks that match closely to mine (If my look is sold out)

  1. Blue Lace Jumpsuit (expensive option)
  2. Blue Lace Jumpsuit (Affordable option)
  3. Sleeveless orange trench coat (affordable option)
  4. Sleeveless orange trench coat (Expensive option)
  5. Black Stilettos
  6. Black Clutch (exact match)
  7. Marc Jacobs Sunglasses (exact match)


Until Next Time ❤












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