Fashionably not on trend

Happy 2019 everyone ! 🥂 Just yesterday I was talking to a friend, telling her of the vivid memories I have of 2015 and now its 2019! What happened? Did we fast forward a few years? Regardless, 2018 however swift, has been a tremendous year in my life personally, financially and spiritually. It gave me so many reasons to celebrate, taught me to to be the best version of myself and be grateful for every contour, colour, mark, curves and dents of my body . Comfort, is something I developed a deeper friendship with – fashion wise. I was one of those people who followed trends closely and dress whats “on season” – but I later realised I am such a rebel I would end end up wearing what I felt comfortable in anyways, trendy or not.  Therefore I am kickstarting this year with a very special outfit, with a laid back style thats […]

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