I have heard many people impart several inherent wisdoms of dressing while growing up- one of them being, “always dress according to your size”. But the older i got, the more crisp the realisation became- that I needed to break all fashion fads because my sense of style lacked spontaneity and variation, thanks to all that wisdom. It took me years to discover myself, to pull away from fads, make uncountable fashion faux pas, and numerous bad choices that made me realise- its ok to take risks where style is concerned, after all –” Fashions fade, style is eternal”- Yves Saint Laurent” 

I am introducing a III part series for the first time in my blog and you guessed it right, its all about monochrome. I have always loved monochrome, its something about the varying tones of one colour, the way it compliments every skin tone, ever body shape. Here’s to hoping you love my part I of the series and feel inspired to include more monochrome to your everyday staples! 


As i was talking about taking risks and being a rebel in fashion, you see I was told that people with a petite frame should never wear floaty pieces of fabric that go beyond their knee, as it would make them look smaller. But as you can see, I am wearing a long floaty fabric and i haven’t looked taller ! 😉 When i picked this particular long slit top from Country Road, I almost put it back dreading I could never pull it off, but something called for me dress it up to my advantage. The key rule here was to pair it with something light so that it gives an illusion of wider hip and a curvier frame, making your legs look longer. Thus I wore it with my favourite, but very old One Teaspoon low-waisted ragged white jeans- thats getting “raggier” by the day because i practically sleep in it! 



Accessories are the highlight of this look. I feel 90’s fashion is back and here to stay for a while. Be it the crop tops, high waisted pants, brown lipsticks, round framed reflectors or even chokers. Yes, Chokers- something i wore without thinking back in the 90s and they are back in fashion and how ! Not only do they glamourise a look without much effort, it just looks so street smart! I also used a cream coloured, faux leather low slung backpack from Topshop, that i couldn’t resist making mine. It also adds the much needed, yet subtle pop of colour to my otherwise black and white outfit. I believe a cross body messenger bag of the same colour could have worked wonders as well.


The last few pieces of glam are my suede ankle boots from Jo Mercer, my tan coloured watch from Ripcurl, that actually matches my backpack (that wasn’t even planned 😉 and lastly, my fantastic blue mirrored sunglasses from Le Specs. 



I hope you find the zeal to wear whatever you want, whatever shape or size you maybe and stride with confidence like its tailor made for you. I know, not every style is for everyone, but then, thats exactly why i love fashion so much- because it lets you get inspired by someone else’s style and tweak it till you make it your own ! 









One Teaspoon White Jeans, Country Road Long Slit Top, Jo Mercer Ankle Boots, Sportsgirl Choker, Topshop Backpack, Ripcurl watch, Le Specs Blue Mirrored Sunglasses

I am inserting looks that match closely to mine (If my look is sold out) 

  1. One Teaspoon White Denims
  2. Long Black Slit Top
  3. Ankle Boots
  4. Ripcurl Watch
  5. Sportsgirl Choker
  6. Cream Backpack
  7. Blue Mirrored Sunglasses (exact match, whoopee)

Until next time ❤













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