In today’s two part blog post, i have tried attempting something a tad bit different. This is a thematic pictorial feature, which is inspired by my all time favourite book by Rudyard Kipling: The Jungle Book. The theme is inspired by the movie “The Jungle book”, which released on the 8th of April worldwide. This is primarily a tribute to those glorious childhood days where many of us woke up to the animation series based on the same book every Sunday morning.


The second and most important reason, I created this content, is to know, get and feel closer to nature, to the jungle. “The Jungle Book” depicts a forest thats almost unreal to be true, that left me wondering is there a forest as glorious as in the movie out there? With all its beautiful creatures unfazed by human intrusion? Hopefully, a bare minimum. But the one’s thats been spared- its heavenliness, smell and feel surpasses just about everything else in the world.

I, being an ardent lover of nature, think its sometimes important to depict through pictures, that some things need to left the way they are, without human interference or involvement. But only to be consumed by its beauty and not justify why we should change the way things are, that was never meant for us to change in the first place. 


But since its a semi fashion post, I tried to wear something that is simple, comfortable, yet stylish that blends in with my theme effortlessly.  I am wearing a casual white dress with black checkered print, from my favourite store- Fshn Bnkr from the brand Fifth the Label. A black trench coat, made of this beautiful lightweight fabric from Saba and some old, fading black knee high, faux suede boots from Dotti . The only thing to probably note is to make sure, however simple the outfit it is important to accentuate it with something that saves it from mediocrity. 


My saving grace was my accessory for the day- the two flower head-pieces. The singular one shown above is from Sportsgirl and the one shown below – has been handpicked and made from wild flowers, from the forest, right then, right there. To note: no amount of accessories in the world can match its beauty 🙂

On a fairly normal day, where you are not out and about handpicking flowers for a headgear, wear a bright scarf around your neck, or better still wear a Fedora hat. You will stand out alright!  









I sincerely hope you loved my pictorial tribute to the Jungle book and loved these barely edited pictures just as natural as the forest itself. I wanted to keep it raw and aesthetic for you to have a feel of its serenity and beauty. Lastly, do take that walk if you come across a jungle, unrequited, to connect and not interfere. I promise, it will be a walk to remember 🙂



_O1A5316 (1).jpg


Fifth The Label Play it right dress in white, SABA Black Trench Coat, Sportsgirl Headpiece, Dotti Knee high Suede Boots

I am inserting looks that match closely to mine (If my look is sold out)

  1. Colour Black & White cross check print (Exact match!)
  2. Nikki Trench (Exact Match!)
  3. Knee high Suede boot


Until next time ❤



2 thoughts on “The Jungle Book : Part 1

  1. Hi Sweta, i like your blog,new theme,photos are taken good,you came very soft and tender,i like the whole colour environment as far as i can see,although i am not from this field. Wanna see more from you.Love you. Maa

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