Apologies for not being able to put up the blog last weekend as intended, life got in the way, as it always does 😛 Now that we are here, lets talk food, non-Baloo style. 

Welcome to the second and final part of the two part series of the Jungle book. As the frolicking in the jungle took a toll and hunger struck, I decided to take you guys along with me to some coffee and date scones at this beautiful tea house called Fortnums. Fortnums is situated in the midst of this quaint little town called Sassafras, surrounded by forests, atop the Dandenong mountains. 

Hoping you love my first pictorial, thematic lifestyle edit. Lookout for more travel, beauty and food related lifestyle posts in the future. 












(Outfit details in the Part 1 of the Jungle Book Series)

Until next time ❤





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