When I shot this feature, I was in love – with every single leaf around me, and yes, that is very much possible with me. This was the last day of Autumn and hence you can see the autumnal colours working its full magic in ways no artist on this planet can! So, i tried to blend in with nature by letting it consume my senses and mesmerise the camera.

Below is an impromptu picture taken- so before we begin, brownie points, if you can spot me in the picture below 🙂   


I love lace, I have always loved lace, but more in a rocker chic, edgy way. Something about lace making me look demure felt frail to me and I couldn’t have been more wrong! A bright wine coloured lace dress is never my initial choice, until I know for sure, I can style it to my advantage. Which mind you, is always a royal pain in the tush! So keeping it painfully simple is key, because there is no space for anything else to shine through. 



I recently discovered my newfound my love for lace , thanks to this brand called “The Ministry of Style”. Most of its apparel is based on lacework and intricate designs on mesh. It so delicate and conservative, yet has a racy feel to it. I am wearing a wine red lace dress from Ministry of Style that sincerely looks and feels like autumn. 


This post seems to be a newfound love for many things, amongst others, this one is for cat-eyed mirror sunglasses, that I am wearing from Quay Australia and single eared earrings. Even though its very hard to spot the earring, thanks to being back to a brunette again,  (other than in the very last picture below), it is a singular feather earring, from Target. 


One of the tricks to styling a lace dress is to match it with exact coloured shoes. You can most definitely wear different colour ones (as there are no rules in fashion) but it can sometimes makes the ensemble a bit overwhelmed, convoluted and even confused at most. So I kept my shoes simple and “pumped”from Midas. 


And how can one not take a selfie when surrounded by so much beauty!? Duh! Finally channeling my inner “Blair Waldorf” with a golden metallic headband from Lovisa. 




The best combination to lace is nothing but leather. They are like a real, solid and ultimate match made in heaven. As the wind picked up its pace, I covered up with one of my favourite faux leather jackets, that is atleast a 100 years old (not really, but you get the point)- from Guess. Also acting behind the scenes is my trusted Calvin Klein black leather tote. 




On a parting note, having been through the rough phases of discovering myself and having being ridiculed for my fashion choices during my teenage years- I cherish in my abilities to have grown in my own skin, in more ways imaginable. Someone the other day asked me, how do i carry off everything i wear? The sincere truth is- I don’t. But yes, I don’t feel apprehended anymore, whatever i wear I rivel in it, I own it and I make it work to my benefit! So wear whatever you want and style it however you want, but never care to a point that makes you look back over your shoulder to see who is watching 🙂



Ministry of Style Wine lace dress; Guess Faux leather Jacket; Midas Red Pumps; Quay Mirrored Sunglasses, Lovisa Headband; Calvin Klein Leather tote; Target Feather Earring

I am inserting looks that match closely to mine (If my look is sold out)

  1. Wine Lace Dress (Similar)
  2. Leather Jacket (similar)
  3. Red Pumps
  4. Mirrored Sunglasses (Exact Match)
  5. Calvin Klein Bag (Exact Match)


Until next time ❤


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