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I am super excited for this blog post for many reasons, one being its my first collaboration with this amazing Melbourne based boutique called the Inzagi Stores. When they approached me to collaborate on ideas that were fresh, inspiring and true to my style, it was a hard one to pass.

The second that almost instantly grabbed my attention was this beautiful silk polka dot Pajama shirt, that hung gloriously on the rack and cried out to be styled.  Unexpectedly, pajama dressing has changed the way its worn behind closed doors and out in the fashion’s electric door of new trends. First, there were hints of it with silky bottoms and drawstring elastics one season- which Selena Gomez glamourised in a silk purple Derek Rose Pajama set and then it only thrived ahead with lace trimming pretty camis and satin slip dresses.

So, here I was busting to bring on my take on this silk Pajama shirt and style it as an outerwear, everyday street style. I have created 3 looks with the Pajama shirt from Inzagi. Hope you like this post as much as I had fun creating it. 

Look 1


This look is my very own everyday style, every bit of it. I knotted the pyjama shirt at the waist to sit above the waistline of the shorts. Speaking of shorts, I love myself some faded and frayed denim shorts, and I do team it up with some black tights for warmth on a windy day. The Shorts are from  the brand Rag and Bone bought off Revolve, my favourite brand for distressed denims.  


I am also wearing a chic, distressed suede jacket, gray oversized reflectors and leather cross body bag that I straddled like a clutch from Inzagi Stores. wp-1478843227946.jpgFinally to complete the look, I wore some brown suede thigh high boots from Wittner. 


Look 2

This has to my favourite of the three looks I created. Move aside Jacket and bring on the good old baggy sweater! I have always been big on styling collared shirts underneath big sweaters. Primary reason being it looks so high fashion with minimal efforts. 


Untying the shirt and letting it hang loose over the short gives an illusion of a longer torso. 


It might sound a bit quizzical to say the least- but the best way I have always loved to wear sweaters is around the waist. It has a star appeal, doesn’t it !?




Look 3

I will have to admit, I wasn’t always a fan of layering. But autumn last year was the season that I actually appreciated the power of layering jackets- a style that not only keeps you warm without much effort, but also makes any outfit more riveting. But the most important thing about mastering the layering game is to get a nice grasp on your basic styles. So, from plaid shirts to trench coats, these are the items you need in your closet to take your layered looks to the next level.


Here, I have used the pyjama Shirt as a jacket, as an incremental piece of layering. I am wearing this soft white singlet, that is so specific to Ingazi stores and the thing that makes it special is, it’s scoured from 100% organic cotton and feels like butter on your skin.

I am wearing a trench coat on top of the pajama shirt (the shirt can be worn on its own as a jacket as well, if warmer)  from Portmans. I am wearing the same knee high boots from Wittner over some green Mavi Jeans from Inzagi stores as well, that literally fits like a glove. 



I hope you found inspiration to wear your own pajama shirts and silk drawstring pants outside the house, just as much as I loved creating this edit in collaboration with Inzagi Stores. Go check them out if you live in Melbourne or planning to visit Melbourne, you will love every piece they have. 

Do let me know which of the three looks was your favourite in the comments below. 


In collaboration with Inzagi

Matt Lawson Photography 

Inserting items if still available (other than Inzagi apparel) 

Look 1 

Look 2

  • Inzagi Sweater
  • Inzagi Pajama Polka dot shirt 
  • Inzagi cross body bag
  • Rag and Bone Shorts from Revolve 
  • Inzagi Sunglasses by Quay Australia
  • Wither Knee High Boots 

Look 3

  • Inzagi Jeans by Mavi
  • Inzagi Pajama Polka Dot Shirt
  • Inzagi cross body bag
  • Inzagi White singlet
  • Inzagi Sunglasses by Quay Australia
  • Wittner Knee High Boots 
  • Portmans Trench Coat 

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