Hi Guys,

Welcome to my next instalment for separates and coordinates. I have always loved and wondered what a thematic pictorial would feel like. I have always seen the likes of them in premier fashion magazines like Vogue and Harpers Bazaar- models depicting a mood and accentuating a certain demeanour in their poses, it not only brings about a subdued energy to that fashion feature, it also gives you a fresh take on what to wear to that occasion. 



I pride myself to be a punctual person, eventhough slips happen, I do take my time seriously. Its precious. Hence conceptualising this blog as -“The Wait” couldn’t be more apt. It projects a melancholic vibe, that waiting for someone or something brings with itself. 

I also wanted it to be a glamorous wait. On time or not, I take dressing to feel great about myself as an essential part of who I am.  Thus matching separates come into play, when I have to look stylish, yet can’t badger myself to put a massive effort. They are no brainers that look stunning, they are very fashionable, come what season.

For this fashion pictorial, I am wearing a two piece corset and pant set from an high end Australian designer brand Cue. I loved this piece the moment i saw it, the vibrancy in colour and sturdy in structure made it look and feel powerful and feminine at the same time. 




Dressing a matching pant and corset set which has dominant floral prints can be tricky, I accessorised it with minimal yet powerful jewellery, like this fringe hand cuff from Kookai. 






I am carrying a studded silver clutch from Olga Berg, to glam the whole outfit a notch higher without the need to accessories too much. 

I am also wearing some diamante  earrings from Colette. 


Finally I am wearing some navy blue stilettos by a.p.too by Alan Pinkus.







I hope you enjoyed this series of separates and coordinates, it is an infinite series, and I will see you back here with a few more interesting content on this to feed your fashion zest.

I love and appreciate you all, and thank you for your enthusiasm, it fuels my passion to create more fabulous editorials and fashion pictorials. 




img_4064_ppJose Sanchez Photography

Cue Pant and Corset Set; Kookai Road Bracelet; Colette Earrings, Olga Berg Clutch, a.p.too Stilletoes

Inserting items if still available 

P.S. The pant and the corset set is an old purchase, hence i couldn’t find same or a similar one for your benefit 😦

Until Next Time ❤



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