Hey Guys 🙂

Happy 2017 ! I am back (finally) with a brand new blog post for this (not-so brand) new year of 2017. Last month was a lot to tend to, travels, health, moving jobs, houses, in short life happened.  Hence some serious slack on posts- as you might have noticed. It’s not because I’m not working hard enough on my blog, contrary to the belief my content has never been about quantity, putting out any old post or scraping the bottom of the barrel for whatever content I can muster up. I have always been painfully critical of my content, I never think it is good enough but I continue to work at it and try to get better with every step. 

So, now that am back with some fresh content, sit back, put that kettle on the brew and enjoy this edit. 


Summer means a world of new beginnings to me. Fresh perspectives, fresh blossoms, new fashion trends to look out for, and oh colours! Colours everywhere. So this summer I decided to throw in some colour, some pastels some florals and a neck scarf that has gained some heavy momentum over the last year! 


I am wearing a structured, fitted style dress from my favourite brand – C/Meo Collective. The moment i laid eyes on it, it had to be mine (as is with most of the things in my life :/). I am always drawn to fitted, midi dresses that have a front hem split. I paired it with my C/MEO Collective’s “Burning Love Neck Scarf”. It has a satin twill that I believe, makes the otherwise plain outfit look classier.   







For accessories, I am carrying my light blue cross-body bag from Maestro, and to keep things relatively simple- some nude pumps from Missguided.


I am also wearing my favourite sunglasses from Chloe. 


I am a beach bum ! If I could I would sun bath when its windy, dive with the sun at sunset and star gaze all night by the beach. The wind in my hair and my the water lapping by my feet is a feeling I would forever go back to. But on a serious note, while shooting this feature, I had only one thought in my head- how do I tame my hair! The wind, for one, was wrecking havoc especially when i needed my hair to behave ! 



Finally, I hope you enjoyed this feature and I would like to again whole heartedly apologise for the long sabbatical. All I can say is, sometimes, its only healthy to take a break and smell the ocean air.








Leah Tolley Photography

C/MEO Collective Dress; C/MEO Collective Scarf; Chloe Sunglasses; Maestro Cross body bag, Missguided Nude Pumps

I am inserting looks similar and/or matching mine

Until Next Time ❤


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