Hello you beautiful people, 

First, a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year ! I am so thrilled to be concluding this year with this blog post. Its all about festive, colourful dressing, without going overboard with sequins and lace and even those on trend silk slip dresses. This festive season, I chose to colour block. Color-blocking started off as a huge trend during 2012-2013. What it basically does is explore colors that are opposites on the color wheel and pairs them together to make interesting and bold fashion statement. It pairs up colours that traditionally do not compliment each other, but with some smart styling moves, not only can it be mastered it can make you stand out like the moon in a starry sky! 

On my personal colour blocking journey, i honestly didn’t have the nerves to pull off something like this for the longest time- until i saw a picture of Emma Stone colour blocking like a pro in 2012 during the premiere of Friends with Benefits. Now that i love colour blocking I thought it was time i did a blog edit on it and dress this holiday season my way. Also, brace yourself for a lot of twirling this edit- its just my pleated skirt. Not me. Just saying. 


I knew i wanted to colour block using the same colour palette of red, but it took me quite some time to narrow down to fuchsia and a peachy-orange shade. I am wearing a pleated orange skirt from Bardot, that has this insane flare and feather-like movement to it and i ended up twirling most of the shoot like a 11 year old. 


I paired the skirt with a fuchsia coloured crop top, with a deep V plunge to bring some oomph factor to the whole outfit, also from Bardot. To not overdo the colours, I decided to keep the colour of the bag same as the outfit. Therefore, I am carrying my favourite tangerine coloured cross body bag from Armani Jeans. 



I believe the main star of the whole outfit is the shoes. These gladiator heels bring a lot of statement and vibe to the outfit. The gladiator heels are a self-treat for christmas from Novo. 


For accessories, I kept it simple, with a fuchsia coloured necklace from Tilkah and some matt black earrings from Lovisa. 




Finally, I tied the outfit together with my black light weight coat from Keepsake.


Lastly, I would like to thank you all immensely for being an integral part of my blogging journey. I also wish you all a beautiful and creative 2017.  As for now, I will see you all on the flip side 🙂 


Not, before one last twirl for 2016 😉 


Alyatau Photography 

Bardot Skirt; Bardot Crop Top; Novo Gladiator Heels; Armani Jeans Cross body bag; Tilkah Necklace; Lovisa Earrings 

Inserting looks


Until Next Year ❤



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