Hello everyone,

We are officially into spring, and the weather’s golden, with beautiful sunsets and glorious large Banksia tress turning a slow green and pale yellow. This also means I can shove my heavy winter coats away and slowly transition into spring.

The best part about this blog post is not just the fact it marks the onset of spring, it also means I get to collaborate on this post with Meg Parry Studio an ethically sourced, all Australian, contemporary lifestyle brand by designer Meg Parry. I loved everything about this brand, from how its crafted to being socially responsible to reduce its fashion footprint on our environment. 

I met Meg at her warehouse, wear she designs and conceives ideas for her line, with so much passion and rigour that I realised our mutual love for sustainable fashion is far greater than styling, it has to be ethically sourced and locally made. Therefore for this blog, I picked three things from her line, that I absolutely fell in love it. 


The denim jacket is a great transitional piece, and if I may take the liberty to say so – the only most integral, transitional piece. This jacket from Meg’s collection The Denim Utility jacket brings an element of cool to any outfit.  It is no surprise that a denim jacket is a great layering piece, but for this one, I can vouch you can button it up and go solo. 




Now lets talk about the blouse, which is hands down my favourite. The Dreamcatcher blouse is tailored to fit your body! It is so beautifully crafted and is a harmonious blend of fluidity and structure. Dress it up or dress it down to your liking and it should blend in seamlessly to your choice of outfit. 




The centre of attention and the most comfortable pants I have ever worn are these ones that she intends to release as part of her season 2 collection. Its buttery soft in material, its high-waisted, fluid, feminine and whimsical all at the same time. The indigo colour compliments the denim jacket in all its glory. 

I decided to pair these pants with some faux leather chunky boots by Windsor Smith.


The only pop-of-colour (obviously other than the background) is my Marc Jacobs snapshot small camera bag  The structured design boasts a striking black, coral, blush and shimmery gold colour palette, that I loved, especially the detachable seatbelt cross-body strap for a bold maximalist aesthetic. 


I finished off this whole look with some small sunglasses by Le specs and a bold red lippy!




Finally enjoy your transition into spring with these beautifully crafted pieces and make sure the clothes you purchase are an investment piece and not sourced from fast fashion industries of which we are guilty most often, but be conscious of our footprint on this beautiful planet. 



Thanks Meg for collaborating, for I believe in working with people and  brands I truely love and an aesthetic that resonates with me for years to come.

Also, thank you everyone for your patience through the delay of this blogpost and for your continued support. Please let me know how you liked this blogpost and what would you like to see next in the comments below. 

Finally thank you Amrita Sur for these beautiful shots that capture the ethics of my fashion sensibilities perfectly. You are an ocean of much unexplored talent. 



Amrita Sur Photography

In collaboration with 



Until next time ❤ 


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