Hello everyone,

When I was a kid, I loved wearing my mom’s clothes, she had a huge pile of her college clothes from late 70s and early 80s that she never wore anymore. I remember she had this pulp fiction-isk yellow, ribbed turtle neck top, that I was obsessed with. That was a time, I now realise, I was discovering transformative fashion and I now I am in love with it.

What is transformative fashion you ask? Well, its the kind of fashion where the idea and forms of passing trends remain the same, but the materials and the concept change, thus becoming transformative. The idea gets borrowed from an era bygone and is made fit for purpose and is readied by big designer houses as an haute couture for the current season and picked up by affordable fast fashion labels as the trending “street style”. Thats what happened when the the 70s fashion made a reappearance in the 2018. 


The idea of 70s rolled in my head the moment I saw this mustard yellow ruffle top by C’meo collective. Its was light and fluffy and yellow and gave out major 70s vibes. 



I paired this with some equally amazing black ruffled pants from Mossman clothing.  Its a stunning high waisted and flared statement making piece that screams of the disco ear like no other. 


To achieve that perfect 70s look, can never go wrong with big gold hoops and yellow tinted aviator frames. Mine are basically orange-yellow one from Mujosh. I also wore a singular gold bracelet from Kookai



My shoes are the only accents that I have no idea of an origin. I managed to successfully thrift these from a vintage boutique in Port Douglas, pre-loved and sold. The tan leather and baroque style couldn’t have been more perfect for this whole look.




The accessory that actually brought the whole look together is the mustard yellow Furla bag. The 70s classic style bags are the epitome of youthful charm and soft accents. Also, did I tell tell you, when I picture 70s – I see everything in shades of yellow 😛 




As you scroll down towards the end of the blog, I would like apologise for such a delay in posting this blog, what can I say – life happened and this got sidelined. However, I hope you enjoyed a trip down 70s fashion with me and thoroughly liked this blog post. I promise to see you sooner next time !! 





Leah Tolley Photography

C’meo Collective Blouse; Mossman Pants; Furla Bag; Mujosh Sunglasses; Kookai hoops and Bracelet, Shoes Unknown


Looks similar to mine


Until Next time ❤




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