Hi Fashion Lovers,

2019 has been big for two fashion trends (of course!) – Satin dresses and matching suits. I have always given in, especially, to suits! I have been obsessed, hooked, preying on them like a panther! Some years I don’t keep up, or don’t particularly like a trend, like 2018 saw all animal prints dominate the runways, they had ascendancy over every shop window and mannequin of every fast-fashion store, and infiltrated store shelves across the globe ! I steered clear of them, but not this year. With suits, I am not talking your typical wardrobe essential, I am talking about items that will define your wardrobe, your days, your personality, your formal, business and casual wear for years to come. I don’t know what took me so long to get on board with the all tailored, loose, matching pant and suit trend, but I just know I can’t imagine a life without them now !

So lets take a ride through this blog post where I take you on a journey (albeit a short one), about the relaxed and the power suits that helped women reclaim their power and helped them dominate the world in every shape and form !

I love this beautiful beige suit set from Seed Heritage, It can be worn as a beautiful business and/or a resort wear, formal or a streetwear, as it embraces the soft suiting trend in soft blazer and ankle grazing pants. I chose to wear it with its matching pants but by all means, wear it separate with distressed jeans or white shorts and a tee. Classic !

I am madly in love with my beige hat, also from Seed Heritage, that makes multiple appearances on my Instagram, and goes so well with my suit !

The star of my blog is definitely my Proenza Schouler Bucket bag, that is a prized possession and a proud gift to myself, that I had my eyes on for 2 years & has finally made a pleased debut in my blog 😉 Crafted from tan suede panels with signature whipstitch details lining the sides and handle in contrasting dark brown, this bag will go with any thing in the world, any colour or any garment!

I finished the look with some Tony Bianco stone colour heels, scrappy and sexy and something that does not overwhelm the outfit. I love a barely-there mule with a strap across the vamp! If you don’t find that sexy, I don’t know what else is !

Finally, pull out your favourite badass sunglass, walk away in style and make that statement !! My favourite is Ray-Ban! Ever so classic & chic!

Thank you all again, for giving me a bit of your time, support and energy as you read through another precious blog post of mine! I sincerely want to thank my homegirl, friend and photographer Leah for always doing justice to my content and bringing my creativity to life !

Also watch out for part two of this series, where I style the same suit set in a completely different way !

Leah Tolley Photography

Until next time ❤️

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