Hey Guys,

Welcome to my first feature for the Winter Series this year

A fresh wave of embroidery has crept into our wardrobes, stitching together the best of the past with a new energy -Alice Barrel

How true is that? I remember owning a white sweater that had hand embroidered red and blue tulips on the hem and sleeves. It was a gift by my grandmother, when i was just six years old. The memory unfurls so many feelings- of a foggy winter, my childhood and hand embroidered tulips. The fact that embroidered skirts, jackets and dresses have always found a special place in my heart because there is nothing computerised about it. It’s creativity at its best and its imperfect- just so human. 

Therefore it seemed only apt that i name a series after one of my beloved embroidered items in my closet- The Embroidered Jacket from MNG. 


I decided to introduce a 2 part series where I will be styling this thick, geometric pattern, embroidered jacket with three totally different outfits. The challenge here is to let this key piece of clothing dominate without taking away the allure of its texture, feel or look.


There is a snazzy trick when trying to style something with so many colours and patterns- like this Jacket. Its is to find that pivotal colour that overshadows the rest and pair it with a similar coloured clothing item. Like my high waisted, burnt orange pant with a wide waistband and feature buttons from Finders Keepers. This was the closest match to the red patchwork of my jacket and shone with it effortlessly.  



I wore a taupe/camel coloured bodysuit from Bardot to create a subtle balance to the outfit and keep the focus on the Jacket. I am also wearing a suede, cord string choker as an accessory that does not necessarily add or take away anything from the ensemble. A bare neck would work just as well. 





Continuing with the beige-y theme, I am also carrying a fringe cross body bag from En Shalla and Black peep toes from Windsor Smith. 




I hope you found some winter inspiration or just evoked a long lost love for embroidery. Embroidery is big this season, with it dominating the runways for Valentino, Gucci, Oscar de la Renta and Alexander McQueen. Embroidered cardigans and baby-doll dresses ruling catwalks could have been pulled from an op-shop pile for a creative boost or just found motivation from the 1960’s . Its mainly about where you find your dream piece, after all its all about the feel and its all about how you fashion embroidery to your suit your style!

Stay put for the saucy part 2 of the series. 


2016_06_23_09_05_11_pp.jpg@Matt Lawson Photography  

@Alyatau Photography

MUA @Rachel Pownall

M.N.G Jacazul Jacket ; Finders Keepers Burnt Orange Pant; Bardot Bodysuit; En Shalla Fringe Bag; Windsor Smith Black peep toes; Princess Polly Suede Choker

I am inserting looks similar to mine (if mine is sold out)

  1. Burnt Orange Pant (Exact Match)
  2. Embroidered Jacket (expensive option)
  3. Embroidered Jacket (Affordable Option)
  4. Beige Bodysuit (Exact match)
  5. Fringe Cross Body Bag (Exact match -Expensive option)
  6. Fringe Cross Body Bag (Affordable Option)
  7. Black Peep Toes (Exact match)


Until Next Time ❤







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