This year, winter’s been particularly ruthless. The city has been blasted with icy winds, torrential rain and hail that gave us frosty days and frigid nights with zero mild days for buffer. I imagine, if I didn’t have to bother about dressing or anything else and just hibernate in the couch in my thickest of robes and woollen socks with a steaming cup of cocoa-it would be paradise! But life as we know it- is harsh like the winter, and commands us to get up, dress-up and go about our business. Now, if you are aiming for something that looks pulled-together and responsible but not too staid in this weather, with a bit of artistic flair- today’s post is the one for you 🙂

As you might have gathered from my last post, my favourite way to tackle winter is with a thick, stylish jacket. This Grey Jacket from Witchery has to be the oldest of jackets I own, very much loved and very much worn.  


I do tend to lean towards subtle, neutral tones when dressing for winter- like this light mauve,  full sleeve bodycon dress from Kookai. Not only does it look pretty good with the red lip and the grey coat, its subtle undertone makes it a versatile wear. The other day i dressed it uber casual with some white sneakers and a bomber jacket.  


One of the things I cant live without during winter, is a scarf big enough to engulf the whole of me- or so my photographer kindly inferred. This scarf from Decjuba can be styled in a hundred different ways (even though i know just about 3) and can also double up as a shawl (#winning!). It’s beautiful camel colour brings in some much needed warmth to an otherwise “unpretentious outfit”. 



Thigh-high faux leather or suede boots are such an epic turn on during winters. Not only it’s a practical choice to save those remaining toes from falling off, it is also very sassy ! Mine are the cheeky and stylish faux leather thigh-highs from Novo. 





I am also carrying my black clutch from Colette and a beige fur key ring from Witchery. 



Winter can be harsh and bitter, but its beauty and a certain non-physical warmth surpasses just about everything else. In the picture below I was very cold and mildly grumpy, given the freezing wind, but seeing it now- it makes my heart swell. Life can be pretty much the same- having had a very substandard week, I find solace in small things that bring subtle joys and feed the soul, and being amongst nature has to be one of them. 

I hope this winter or whichever season you are in, you find the best in it and make it your own. 







Craig Dingle Photography

Witchery Grey Coat ; Kookai Bodycon Dress; Novo Boots; Colette Clutch; Decjuba Scarf; Witchery Beige Key ring

I am inserting looks that match closely to mine (If my look is sold out)

  1. Grey Coat
  2. Large Scarf
  3. Body con Dress (Similar)
  4. Black Clutch (Exact Match)
  5. Faux Fur Key ring (similar)
  6. Knee High Boots


Until next time ❤ 


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