Hey Guys,

Welcome to this “wicked” mid-week treat ! The other day, as I was contemplating on a theme, i chanced upon a girl on the street, who was dressed in a hybrid of corporate and formal evening wear and she absolutely owned it. I have found that the greatest of inspirations can be found around you, whatever it might be. And in terms of fashion I love observing people and I have come across some of the most eccentric, effortless and electrifying sensibilities of style of so many men and women.

So having gathered my inspiration, I knew i had to base the look on white, almost instantly.  I love whites, I have always loved white. It brings out the colour of your eyes, brightens your skintone and exudes an “ethereal” glow all over. 


I have a thing for long jackets with shoulder pads. They look suave and sexy in every demeanour of a person’s personality. Whenever I am stuck in one of those dreaded moments of “stupor”- what do I wear!? or i have nothing to wear… phases, I just throw on some denim shorts or jeans with this jacket and I am sorted!  

The long white jacket is basically a “tuxedo dress” that can double up as a Jacket. This is a much loved piece from the Nicole Scherzinger collection with Missguided. I paired it with some white high waisted denims from Lee. 



Given my recent craze for bodysuits, I find myself gravitating towards them like a moth to a flame. Its not just not how comfortable they are, its also how it makes everything look so seemingly effortless. I am wearing a khaki coloured bodysuit with a cowl neck from Misguided. I would wear it on its own with some hollywood tape to secure it or with a white lace bracelet for a night out. But to make it more daytime appropriate i am wearing a white and purple floral bustier from Paint it Red from Zoie Boutique




For accessories, I am wearing a gold metallic choker by Jolie and Deen and my bag is the staffiano leather tote from Calvin Klein. 


Apart from bodysuits, I have developed a soft spot for sunglasses as well, and at any price point. I would gladly buy a $10 vintage sunnies if i see calibre in them and so would i splurge on a $600 Mui Mui tortoise shells, if they sit right on me. The sunglasses market has become so diverse with labels offering aesthetic, chic and draws at very price range. One of the brands that i recently discovered is from Barton Perreira. These sunglasses appear to have mirrored lenses in the shade and when it faces the sun, it transitions into clear gold lenses, like below. But unfortunately they don’t have an online store, so i will link their website and you can look for a store near you 🙂




Finally, I am wearing some nude scrappy heels from Lipstik. 

Kanishka Gettuwangedara Photography-7187.JPG

1468288231678Hope you liked my mid-week fashion feature, just as much I did creating it for you. I reckon, its good to break away from routine at times and just go for it. 


Kanishka Gettuwangedara Photography

Misguided White Jacket/Blazer dress; Misguided Bodysuit; Lee Denims; Paint it Red Bustier; Calvin Klien Tote; Lipstik Strappy Heels; Barton Perriera Sunglasses; Jolie & Deen Metallic Choker


I am inserting looks that match closely to mine (If my look is sold out)

  1. White Jacket/Blazer Dress (Similar)
  2. Cowl neck Bodysuit
  3. Lee high waisted White denims
  4. Calvin Klein Tote (Exact Match)
  5. Floral Bustier (Exact Match)
  6. Metallic Choker (Similar)
  7. Nude Gladiator style heels (Similar)
  8. Barton Perreira Sunglasses


Until next time ❤




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