Hello everyone, now that we have come to the concluding feature for “That embroidered Jacket”, let me tell you, I was a nervous wreck for this blogpost. One because, I wanted the outfit to be exclusive in itself, and also give it a whole new meaning with the Jacket on. The pressure was mounting and an onerous 50 trials after – sans exaggeration-  I was finally  onto something.

This time i decided to pair the jacket with a pinstriped, high neck, flared jumpsuit. Given the jumpsuit is a stand-alone casual piece in itself, the jacket gave it very different tone to it. Almost a regal sort of appeal, polished and smart.  


Given that fashion is having a major 90s moment, cold shoulder tops, pinstripes, chokers, crop tops & jumpsuits, it follows that at some point 2000s is going to have its day too.

Now that I am hoarding on jumpsuits like a nuclear apocalypse is upon us and thats the only thing i will possibly thrive on – it wasn’t surprising i picked a jumpsuit for this feature too.


If you read the part 1 of the this series, you will know the jacket is from MNG and has a thick, quilted feel to it. Its heavily embroidered, making it a difficult apparel to pair with most outfits. The Pinstriped jumpsuit from Missguided, that blended well with some of the blue threads of the Jacket. 



This blog almost has a pictorial feel to it, given how picturesque the laneway is. The reason we chose this location is because the myriad colours of graffiti complimented the many shades of my ensemble, almost in harmony. To add to the brightness of the place, I am carrying a green and yellow cross body bag from Oroton. I am also wearing some bright yellow pointy heels from Aldo to match. 


Some of the other small details to my outfit is the plain black, aviator style sunglasses from Quay Australia and the gold statement bracelet from Country Road. 




Note the colourful sneakers hanging from the strings. 




2016_07_25_15_03_55_pp1469519199366.jpgHopefully you enjoyed this series as much as I loved creating it. It was a challenge and a great team effort to bring this post to life. Please like, share and comment on the post- I would feel appreciated to say the least.  



A last glimpse of the stunning laneway again 🙂 


Matt Lawson Photography
Alyatau Photography

M.N.G Jacazul Jacket ; Nasty Gal Jumpsuit; Oroton Crossbody Bag; Aldo Heels; Country Road Bracelet; Quay Australia Sunglasses


I am inserting looks similar to mine (if mine is sold out)

  1. MNG Jacazul Jacket
  2. Navy Pinstripe Jumpsuit
  3. Oroton Crossbody (Similar)
  4. Yellow Heels
  5. Sunglasses (Exact)
  6. Statement Bracelet


Until Next Time ❤




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