Hello Everyone,

There is a certain amount of challenge when starting a fashion series- unsure how it may unfurl. But there is a greater sense of achievement when I conclude one! Just like the ambitious “Monochrome  Syndrome” series that I loved creating so much. This final chapter of the series is suave, sophisticated and downright sexy !

Monochrome does not have to be boring, it does not have to be limited to the “LBD” nor does it have to be “colourless”. There is a certain earthiness and sass to black and white, that made me want to introduce the series to play with monochrome with a pinch of colour and gives it that vigour and grace. 


I asked myself, what would I wear if i was going to a recital, an opera or a broadway show? I am not a gown person, and I hardly ever do maxi dresses – which are the most effervescent outfits for these occasions- I wanted to wear mini skirt and make the ensemble gown equivalent in elegance. 


This feature is shot in the beautiful halls of the Melbourne Recital Centre and I couldn’t have blended more in. I am wearing a A-line, high waisted black mini skirt by Cameo Collective. This skirt has thick paneling on the sides that cinches your waist like a belt. 



My favorite piece though, is the current fashion fever doing the rounds- is the white off shoulder/cold shoulder cropped bodice with flared sleeves from Bardot. I remember when i had severe doubts about clothing with flared sleeves, velvet texture or geometric patterns as it always gave me an impression of a hippie era bygone, “Saturday night fever-ish” obtuse fashion. I was never a massive fan of the 70s fashion genre given my style of clothes has a structured, clean and chic feel to them. Now that seventies are making a comeback with flares, platforms, fringe and suede dominating runways… I can now safely say, that i am a changed person. 


I am also wearing suede cape coat from one of my favourite Australian online boutiques- White Fox Boutique to glam the outfit a notch higher. Since it is dead winter, I am also wearing some transparent back tights.  



Strictly, this outfit is all about accessories. Even-though i do happen to stress I am a  minimalistic person when it comes to accessories, here the accessories make the outfit look and feel luxe. I am wearing an indian style, inverted bell type earring called “Jhumkas”. They have small green rhinestones encrusted in it with tiny bells in the circumference, making it softly jingle when you walk. These earrings are worn by women across India with traditional indian outfits, and it comes in various shapes and sizes. They are from a local indian boutique from Delhi. 


Also accompanying me is my structured cross body bag from Minskat Copenhagen. This Sleek Cross-Body has a faux leather fabrication and elegant gold-toned hardware. Sticking to the gold/rose gold theme, I am wearing a bracelet (details in the last picture) from Country Road and a mish-mash of several rings from Lovisa and knuckle rings from Mocha. 






Last but not the least, to give the outfit a pinch of colour, I finished off the look in my old nude pumps from Nina Armando. 

Finally hope you enjoyed the conclusion of my Monochrome Syndrome Series. It’s hard to look bad in black and white. However, if you get a little tired of always pairing your white top with the same black jeans, go on the hunt for new ideas, an idea no one’s attempted before. The possibilities will amaze you- with just two colours. 



Jose Sanchez Photography

Cameo Collective Skirt; Bardot Off Shoulder Top; Whitefox Boutique Suede cape coat; Country Road Bracelet; Mocha Kuckle rings, Lovisa Rings, Minskat Copenhagen Crossbody Bag; Nina Armando Nude Pumps; Local Boutique Earrings. 

I am inserting looks similar to mine (if mine are sold out)

  1. Black Mini Skirt
  2. Off Shoulder top (exact match)
  3. Cape Jacket
  4. Crossbody bag
  5. Bracelet (Exact match)
  6. Nude Pumps (similar)
  7. Knuckle Rings
  8. Indian Style Earrings (Similar)


Until Next Time ❤


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