Hey Guys,

Even though winter’s been specifically unforgiving this year, I still wanted to bid farewell to the season in style, you know just to remind it, who’s the boss 😉 

Primarily, a human being who dresses for comfort in winter and not necessarily the looks- loved every minute of glam in this winter edit. The whole idea of being comfortable and still slaying during harsh climatic conditions is everyones secret desire. So here goes my final saga for this year’s winter look and hope that you find inspiration and slay like a queen wherever you are this season!


If you are a regular follower of my blog, you will already know I love structure and depth in an outfit. I love dressing for the season while being true to my style. So, I wasn’t surprised when I chose a chunky, turtle neck for a knit to base my look on. I am a big sweater girl, I like them chunky and oversized closely missing the frump territory. So, my chunky knit below is from Marcs, a beautiful knitted blue, that holds its structure and warmth with equal integrity. 


This mini pleather skirt from Zara has to be one of my favourite pieces in my closet. One because I went back for it four times, yes you heard me right- four times. Second, I like myself a multifunctional piece of clothing that i can circulate around the year, irrespective of its material, style and season. The skirt is made of faux leather and what makes it appealing is its block pattern and crazy stitched borderline, ticking my multifunctional box in an outfit. 



Lets talk about my accessories in this look that takes it several notches higher in terms of sass. My bag is a faux leather structured beige tote from Mocha. Mocha is a wonderful brand if you want supreme quality things and you won’t even have to sell an arm for Fendi 😉 My Faux fur key chain is from Cotton On. This bright burgundy key ring gives this outfit a pop of colour that sits right with the whole ensemble. 



Oh! How I love my ankle booties! The boots below are the very last one’s i snatched up from Dotti that entranced me from the word go. They are suede and comfortable and gives me some much desired height – so whats not to get entranced about ? 


The Final integral touches that are common to most of my outfits are the jewellery and the sunglasses. I am wearing a  long gold chain with an owl for a locket. I cannot recall what the brand for the same is, but i will try an link a similar one down below if you are interested. I am also wearing a gold ring from Lovisa (last image).




Lastly, my cat-eyed, rose gold sunglasses are from Oakley and I feel like a 70s pop icon in them. 



Hope you enjoyed this feature and ready to take on winter if thats the season you are heading for. But i cannot let you go before i share this quote that I came accross in Vogue last month- “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.’ – Coco Chanel


Leah Tolley Photography

Anastasia Freimut Kouzoukas Hair & Makeup

Marcs Chunky Knit; Zara Skirt;  Dotti Suede ankle boots; Mocha Tote bag, Lovisa Ring, Cotton On Faux Fur Key Ring; Oakley Sunglasses

I am inserting looks similar to mine (if mine are sold out)

  1. Chunky turtle neck Knit
  2. Dotti boots (Exact Match)
  3. Mocha Cove Overnight Bag (Exact Match)
  4. Red Faux Fur Keychain
  5. Rose Gold Cat eye sunglasses
  6. Owl necklace (similar)


Until Next Time ❤



2 thoughts on “Au revoir Winter!

    1. Hi Katie,
      How are you ? Sorry about the late reply !! Thanks so much for following my blog 🙂 yes I really want to go to the house of Dior !! Haven’t had a chance yet :/ please let me know if you are ever down in Melbourne ! Would love to take you out to dinner xx
      Much love 🙂


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