Hello Everyone, 

First, my apologies about the false post last weekend and secondly on being a week late on this scheduled post. I was about 51,000 feet above the Inidan Ocean when my post arbitrarily decided to publish itself and phish your emails ! Hopefully you are following my adventures on Instagram to find out more. 

Now, apologies aside, lets get down to some fashionable business. If there is something to know about me, its the fact that I am an beach girl. I love the beach and the sound of waves, waves meeting the white sandy beaches and warmth of that softness beneath my feet. It is the only place I escape to when the world gets a little too loud for comfort, it is the only place i’d rather be.


The day I shot this feature it was grey, cloudy and extremely windy, as you will notice the tremendous effort it took to keep my hair in place 😉 However, the outfit of choice, in this particular post, was meant to be editorial rather than something literal, that I would wear to a beach. The grey ensemble was deliberately chosen to resonate with the weather and mimic the colour of the ocean. 


I love myself a good pleather skirt and a smart casual shirt. This is an outfit i would wear for an unplanned Saturday night drink or a quick Wednesday cocktail dinner. The light grey faux leather skirt is from Asilio and the tartan shirt is by Finders Keepers. Its a chic mix, the high waisted faux leather fitted skirt and a lightweight, chocker style tartan print shirt with a deep v-neck are such versatile pieces which can be styled in a hundred different ways. 



For accessories i kept it as mild and quaint as possible. For a purse, I am carrying my regular grey suede wallet from Kikki K. Its stylish enough to be carried on its own as a clutch or as a wallet in your bag. I am wearing my black suede ankle boots from Dotti, but this look can be easily styled with some nude scrappy heels. 




For that final touch, i am wearing a big blue ring for a little pop of colour from Jolie & Deen. 





Finally, I hope you loved another of my pictorial style blog. It enthrals me to show you beautiful places like this just as much as i love showing you my style. This is the kind of place that allows me to slip away from the world of constant emails and alarms and into a world of soothing sounds and alluring sights. 







Amrita Sur Photography

Asilio PU Skirt; Finders Keepers Tartan Shirt; Dotti Suede Ankle boots; Kikki K Suede Purse;  Jolie & Deen ring

I am inserting looks that are similar or exact to mine 

  1. Grey PU Skirt
  2. Tartan Shirt
  3. Ankle Boots


Until next time ❤


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