Hello Everyone !!

We are finally in December. This is insane! Where has the year gone? To be honest this wasn’t the best year for most things, but the best thing that happened to me this year, was Her Style Saga. Amidst doubts and skepticism, I finally created something i love so much, transpired by your love and immense support. So this is probably my third last post this year- to be followed by two beautiful New Year Party looks.

Today’s blog is about my everyday style. I thrive in causals, but i tend to tailor my casuals to make a statement.  Everyday wear that can be made so much fun, with a pinch of colour, a dash of style and a whole lot panache. 


This is a very simple look and has an element of sass to it. Its my favourite go-to look, I generally top it up with a black cardigan if its cold outside (which is most days). But since its summer I chose this distressed, everyday denim by Lee and a plain white chiffon shirt with a cowl neck by Melrose Avenue as the prime piece. Blue jeans and white shirts are a classic and I believe its one of those things that will never go out of style. 



As simplicity, elegance and sheer effortlessness are the core of this look, to make it zero fuss, accessories had to be kept minimal. So taking my current obsession with chokers a notch higher, I found the one with the longest string possible. This is a white choker by Bardot that went perfectly well with the whole ensemble. 




For shoes i am wearing my ruby red pumps by Sempre Di. I love how the straps rightfully sit below the hem of the jeans. Tying the whole look together with my current love – Olivia Bone by Naked Vice. I discovered Naked Vice recently, and I am in absolute love with absolutely everything by Naked Vice. Designed in Melbourne, their aesthetic remains true to its heritage. Its their edgy and raw minimalistic style, that drew my attention and I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon. 





I really hope you guys enjoyed this feature, as much as I did collaborating with my little sister again. I am excited as to what these last few days might hold, and even more excited for so many adventures and projects to begin in 2017. I look forward to bring you some of the most exquisite and unique content in the new year and in turn, I hope my content brings you joy and inspiration forevermore.



Amrita Sur Photography

Lee Jeans; Melrose Avenue Chiffon Shirt; Sempre Di Pumps; Naked Vice Cross body bag; Bardot Choker

Inserting looks

Until next time ❤


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