Hi ya’ll !

I am finally back with another exciting project ! This final dose of winter edit has me buzzed with all the exciting spring/summer collection that I get to exhibit in my blog for the coming sultry months ! The slow retreating winter down under means a beautiful fall somewhere else. Therefore its only fair we bid a fitting, faux furry goodbye or welcome to this season with panache. And hoping that someone, somewhere gets inspired to have a glamorous winter themselves. Lets dress this winter for a special occasion, keeping super warm and feeling super confident in our own skin. 


Winter calls for warm auburn and autumnal tones, therefore I chose a dark palette this party season. I am wearing my only prized faux fur jacket by Unreal fur. Faux fur jackets have this ability to make the most drab outfits look super suave !


I kept the rest of the outfit quite devoid of any colour or jewellery – highlighting the faux fur jacket all the way through. My plum coloured peplum skirt is by Sheike and my black lace crop top is by Keepsake. 


For shoes I went for some pumps with straps and ankle socks from Wittner. But you could pretty much wear what you fancy for shoes, ankle boots or nude scrappy heels. I just wanted my feet to feel warm and snuggly, hence my choice of footwear… and it goes 😉




For jewellery I am wearing a simple ear-cuff by Mejuri and a horizontal stacked pearl ring by Lovisa. Given most of the stuff I am wearing here is sold out therefore, I will try and link something similar down below. But at the end, its the “stylespiration” that matters 🙂

And don’t you worry I will see you sooner than this next time ! Tata Winter ! 



Amrita Sur Photography

Sheike Skirt; Keepsake lace top, Unreal Fur jacket; Wittner shoes; Mejuri Ear-cuff


Style Inserts


Until next time ❤



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