Hey Everyone !

So notwithstanding the fact that this year is racing towards its finale and I am posting this blog one day before my birthday, I can tell you that I am immensely grateful for everything this year has brought me and more.  To start off, lets talk about this blog, that’s shot in the backdrop of a beautiful rooftop sunset, makes me feel blessed and poised all at the same time. I couldn’t think of a better name to suit this post – the shimmering sun making this year’s trend of frills standout like a golden hue of sunlight !


First up- this crisp and clean cotton white bodysuit with feminine frill and ruffle details by M.N.G is a staple top for everyone this season. The round neckline and ultra voluminous sleeves makes this a contemporary take on the classic white dress shirt. This top is perfect for work or cocktail hour, I paired mine with a tailored floral skirt, which is another hit this season. Floral and frill, whats not to love ? 


This beautiful navy blue floral number is from Portmans. With an invisible back zip, I promise you this skirt chinches in at the waist and hugs just at the right places, defining your curves. A floral skirt is an everyday staple this summer, giving you the freedom to dress it up or tone it down with some regular white sneakers. 



Minutely diffracting from the fashion aspect of things – I have to let you in a little secret, I struggled to keep as tranquil as you see me in the photos. It was mad battle against the wind to keep my hair and I stationary. My beautiful photographer will vouch for that and so will the photos. 


I wore some nude pumps to keep the attention to the voluminous sleeves, from Windsor Smith. Its always prudent to wear neutral colour for shoes if the ruffles are top-heavy just so its not over the top, but hey, no judgements if you like the bling !



For the bag, I chose a simple cross body with golden hardware by DKNY. I am also guilty to loving faux fur key chains, that I believe go with pretty much everything. 


I would live without jewellery, but not sunglasses. They are my favourite accessory and I own a few too many pairs of these that I am proud of. But least assured, I never tire-off ! For this feature I am wearing some classic round rose-gold Ray-Bans



I deliberately chose not to overwhelm the ensemble with any jewellery, save for one double stranded rose-gold choker style necklace from Kookai. 


Let me know your thoughts about this look and what would be your choice for clothing with this white ruffle shirt ? 


Look forward to one more blogpost to celebrate frills before this year wraps up and many more surprises to come in the coming year !


Also go have a look around my beautiful photographer’s website, she is witty, extremely gifted and a genuine talent! http://www.ertvaagfoto.com


Ine Ertvaag Photography

M.N.G Ruffled bodysuit; Portmans Skirt; Windsor Smith Pumps; DKNY Crossbody bag; Ray-Ban Sunglasses; Kookai Necklace


Inserting looks similar and or matching mine 


Until next time ❤




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