Hello everyone, 

Happy new year ! How fast did 2017 roll by ? Another year, another adventure. This year I plan to douse myself in Ruffles and tassels and frills and everything in between. Ruffles have been a major fashion statement and has dominated runways for every spring 2017 collections. It kickstarted with fluttered sleeves to peplums to balloon sleeves to pure, sheer ruffles gracing skirts, tops, denims, necklines, jackets and even bags.

For my very first post this year and the second blog post on this trend, I am going all out with ruffles and featuring a ruffle on ruffle edit, that I assume is a very hard take for many. Buy hey, fashion is risk, fashion is fun and just for the “frill” of “ruffles” why not take the plunge …? 


I have, quite vehemently, come to believe that the opulence of ruffles and its sheer layers of fabric cascading down your body can act in place of any jewellery, shoe or bag. For this edit, I have done just that – let the ensemble do all the talking. 


I will let you in on a little secret, when I research on concept for my blog posts, I generally have a vague idea of what I want. It never really materialises to full effect until I physically see/wear the clothing piece in itself. But for this one, the moment I laid eyes on this skirt at the display window in David Jones from the brand Ministry of Style, the whole feature fell in place. This delicately layered feminine skirt worked magic on me. 


The lightweight texture gave this skirt a lot of movement and fluidity and I knew immediately that this had to be paired with something that went against the norm of pairing with a ruffled skirt. Therefore I picked another lightweight floral top with fluttered sleeves from Keepsake the label, but with a stark colour contrast to the skirt. 


The key here is contrast. Pairing ruffle on ruffles is easy, it just needs to be of colours that complement each other. The second tip is when you pair ruffle on ruffle, everything else is best left ignored – hair, jewellery, shoes. You need to let the ruffles talk for themselves. 

Ruffles on Ruffles ! Make this your show 


Ruffles are generally a spring/summer extravaganza. I say so because, you don’t want to hide them behind chunky coats and thick scarves. It has a life of its own and it needs to shine on its own, but be mindful of going over-board with it. Its easy overdo ruffles -imagine  had I paired the top here, with layers instead of fluttered sleeves – it would be a major fashion disaster. 



I completed this look with a simple black bag with silver chains from Coach, nothing too ornate, that would take away the shine from the ruffles. 


For shoes, I just wore my regular black ankle booties from Windsor smith. You can also pair this look with some nude strappy sandals or flats. The idea is to compliment and not upstage the outfit with bright shoes. 




I really hope you enjoyed this years’s first blog feature. And yes there are more ruffles to grace Her Style Saga ! Stay tuned for some exciting blogposts lined up and as always I look forward to any special styling or blog requests to come my way so that I can bring some of the best blog features I can for 2018 and more. 





Amrita Sur Photography

Skirt Ministry of Style ; Top Keepsake the Label ; Bag Coach ; Ankle boots Windsor Smith


Style inserts 


Until next time ❤


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