Hi Everyone,

Its been quite a month. Life changing moments, immense workloads, some great collaborations and satisfying journeys, quite literally. I have met new people, tried new culinary delights, learnt how to oil paint, learnt how to dress to my own ever changing body type, to own pieces I genuinely love – so that I never have another “I have nothing to wear moment” when I open my wardrobe. And most importantly, invest in timeless pieces of clothing, that you will wear again and again, and seek unhindered pleasure from it.

I wanted to bring you a content which wasn’t necessarily about what I was wearing or what I love wearing, it was mostly about recycling something I would wear once, like a party dress and make it wearable again – by just pairing it with a same coloured tapered work pants. 


What I was most excited about while shooting this content is to get up close and personal with big, magnificent race horses. Being an ardent animal lover and an animal activist, it was a special, thrilling moment. Anyways, getting back to my dress – that I wore to a friend’s birthday two years ago from Revolve, which never saw daylight again. Therefore to make use of this emerald green dress with a floaty mini skirt and a V-neckline, I decided to pair it with my emerald work pants. 


My work pants are a straightforward, tapered design from Dorothy Perkins, which is basically a timeless silhouette that lends itself well to being worn with blouses and button-ups alike. But not today. Today its getting dressy with a party dress. 


As usual, I kept accessories to a minimum, a 3 strand gold necklace by Kookai and a multilayered ring by Mocha was all I needed to play it down. 


I decided to break-up the green with a colourful clutch bag. You could totally stick to another shade of green if you want – or whatever colour you fancy. Remember, fashion is all about improvisation and self confidence. 


Some might ask -“Hey Ayona, where would you wear this outfit to? Don’t expect us to wear it to work or to the stables !” Agreed. I would wear it to a girls night out or to brunch with my sister or even a date night. Sometimes I don’t fancy showing legs when its cold (which is always in Melbourne) or when I am just too lazy to wax, but I still want to look and feel fancy – I would whip out my party dress and matching tapered trousers 😉 


For shoes, I am wearing my simple black and white stilettos from Bardot. I have always believed stilletoes look amazing with tapered pants, but if heels aren’t your thing, some in-trend black mules could do the same trick, if not better. 



Finally thanks again for your patience and reading this blog and as always appreciating my content. I have been asked time and again, about my favourite online stores or designer labels or skincare. I intend to introduce my favourites this month. So stay tuned to know what are my top 5 favourite online stores are and many more favourites to follow. And this time, I do intend to keep my word !


James Smart Photography

Style inserts 

  1. Tapered pants
  2. Emerald mini dress (similar)
  3. 3 layered gold necklace
  4. Strappy heels
  5. Black mules

Until next time ❤




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