Hello Everyone,

I am back this month, with a short and cute feature for everyone who loves a good ruffle dress.

This summer I have been loving crop tops with exaggerated sleeves, denim shorts and ruffle shirts. That I almost led myself to believe that fashion needs to have layers, be innovative, transformative and exaggerated, that I almost forget to have fun sometimes. A dress in its whole entirety, a complete ensemble that needs no “dressing up” and is devoid of any vague pretentiousness of other outfits – is enough.

Therefore I pulled out one of the prettiest dresses I own, and just had some fun.

This Zimmerman dress was magic on the get go, fluid and beautiful. In its entire cascading blue / white dots, this silk midi dress is best dressed as is. It gathers under bust and ruffles throughout neckline, shoulders and curved skirt hem – this can’t get any more feminine and fierce at the same time.

Nothing major to report in tis blogpost really – except that I kept it simple with by pairing it with some gold and black hoops and carrying my trustee, black feline beauty – Gucci.

The major touch was definitely some black suede ankle booties by Windsor smith. Which you have seen me wear over a hundred times over the course of three years of my blogging escapade. I can now safely say its one of my favourites 😉

See you super soon, in my next crackling blogpost. Stay tuned ❤

Alyatau Photography

Until next time  â¤ï¸â¤ï¸â¤ï¸


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