The twenty first century hustle is real.

Today, I realised its been a hustle for me and many others to have a full time job, make time for family, have a side hustle, manage a business, make time for social life, make time for fitness and mental health and self care, do your daily admin, household work, daily chores and still look presentable, if not fashionable.

Honestly its a miracle we dont hibernate to for 72 hours straight to recover.

Embrace your hustle. Embrace the struggle. Chase the dream.

Ross Simmonds

Most days, my chosen side hustle as a blogger, feels contrived and hard – because you still have to dress up and look your best, when sometimes, you feel anything but.

But the irony of the whole thing is, I have come to realise that most side hustles are hard and needs your time, effort and energy to pull it through. And you do pull it through, because you know how much you love it and thats the only thing keep you sane most days – however hard.

The best thing about this hustle is the freedom it gives me – to express myself.

I am a fashionable person – blog or not. Something I have genuinely taken pride in, since as a child. I am also, lazy. Being extremely busy and being lazy at the same time doesn’t stack up and when you throw fashion to the mix – its an absolute mayhem ! So, I like quick fixes, easy, trend wear, that I know will look good, feel good and will champion me anywhere!

Like this epic leather (faux the better) skirt from Once Was –  in khaki colour, featuring a flattering subtle A-line silhouette with a button front detail, and detachable D-ring belt, paired perfectly with my pearl Zimmerman top. This slim fit blouse features a stand collar (that I LOVEE), patch pockets with flaps at the chest and contrast topstitching throughout.

Finally you cannot get past my Celine phantom luggage tote that I consigned ! It just held the outfit together, elevated it to a different level of class and structure!

I like quick fixes, easy, trend wear, that I know will look good, feel good and will champion me anywhere….

Finally Boots !! Boots for winter isn’t a fashion trend – I mean, it is, but it is also phenomenally practical, that holds an entire winter fit together – like glue! I just paired my neutral outfit, with some neutral boots – to stitch everything together. And believe it or not, the effort to put together an entire outfit was less than 10% !!

Therefore, as a last snippet of wisdom, perhaps, I wanted to share some tips on how to hustle proactively (and not consequentially, like a boss – I dont know what that means, most days!)

  • Prioritise. Have a to-do list, its not humanly possible to do everything, but we can prioritise what to get to first.
  • Say No – You dont have to say yes to every social engagement or collaboration. Say yes to things that matter.
  • Take a break – seriously, take a break! burn out while hustling is real. And taking time off from either your full time job or side hustle is SPA for the mind!

Finally have fun ! When we stop having fun it becomes a chore and no chore is fun – unless you force yourself. Love is free flowing afterall.

Thank you for staying till the end… until, next time.

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