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with a predominant focus on sustainability. And in my blog post today, I will talk about sustainable jewellery, which has been something of a hunt lately. Best jewellery, sustainable, affordable, artisanal quality.

If you womder, what is the essence behind sustainable jewellery? Why does it matter and what are some of my favourite sustainable jewellery brands – I talk about it all here. I realised selecting the right jewellery, long lasting and durable – literally has the power to transform the look and feel of your entire outfit. Not only is this an integral component of our everyday style it also sets our own personal style apart.

As I grew older, I started to outgrow the “in trend” shiny and lustrous gold and silver oxidised metal jewellery – because not only they tarnished faster than I could run to the store to buy another, it was just so bad for the planet as well. Not only they get dumped in the landfill, we also expose ourselves and the producers to toxic materials along the way.


I love me some good layering. Especially if they are mix of dainty and chunky.

When we get dressed and look in the mirror and consider, oh this little black dress needs some simple studs or hoops or this pair of sharp tailored trousers need a dainty herringbone necklace. But do we actually stop to think and consider for a moment, where are these pieces we love and chose to own – comes from. Where is it made? Who made this jewellery? Was it hand made or mass manufactured? Where did the materials come from? Whose lives has it affected?

So lets talk about some of my favorite sustainable jewellery brands for necklaces:


Ethics | Ethically sourced metals & stones, fair trade gold, environmental sustainability, fair labor
Price Range | $$$

The brand has been committed to quality, not only of the products, but of the conditions in which they are produced. They aim to trace each of our pieces from mine to market because traceability allows us to manage and improve the social and environmental impacts of our supply chain. They prioritise materials that can be fully traced to their source of origin. Sixty percent of our production partners are world-renowned suppliers that are certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council, the international standard bearer for ensuring supply chain sustainability, labor rights and integrity across the jewellery industry. The remaining forty percent are family-run businesses that work closely with us on social and environmental practices to create high-quality pieces.


Ethics | Works directly with jewellers to eliminate middlemen and bring fine jewellery, transparent pricing, and only use recycled 14k solid gold and ethically sourced diamonds.
Price Range | $$$

Founded by women, for women, Lumeas began with one goal: empowerment. They made luxury accessible for all women, worn everyday. They have the best jewellers make ethical jewellery from Istanbul and Seoul with recycled materials around the world, bringing high-quality jewellery directly to you, without the markup.



Based In | Melbourne, Australia
Ethics | Crafted using the highest-quality, ethically sourced materials. Every piece is thoughtfully designed 
Price Range | $-$$

Launched in 2017, ALIX YANG is a Melbourne-based jewellery label created for the everygirl.

There pieces are unique rooted in relatability. They merge comfort and effortless style to deliver fool-proof, everyday jewellery that doesn’t need a special occasion. Their jewellery is crafted using the highest-quality, ethically sourced materials. Every piece is thoughtfully designed to become a wardrobe staple that can be worn and loved forever.


By Charlotte

Based In | Sydney, Australia
Ethics | Mindfully sourced, Gives back and donates with every order
Price Range | $$-$$$

Founded in 2012 by former Australian makeup artist, Charlotte Blakeney, By Charlotte is the go-to destination for mindful jewellery and gifts that tell stories of love, friendship and cherished moments.


Based In | Australia
Ethics | Selected pieces from each collection are studio made normally with a focus around handmade beads and natural pearls. These pieces are made in small quantities or made to order to ensure there’s no over production of styles or an excess of materials required.
Price Range | $$-$$$

Sustainable, recycled packaging with a focus on slow fashion. With a great focus on Brie Leon pieces being designed for everyday, we ensure each piece holds a timeless and classic aesthetics with a modern take. We only release two collections a year (opposed to four like most fashion labels) with a consistency of core styles with each range. Time and intricacy is put into each collections to ensure the pieces created aren’t just seasonal yet can be bought with no regrets and treasured for years to come.


Ethics | Ethically sourced, safe work environments and artisanal quality products
Price Range | $$-$$$

Their many limited edition pieces are handcrafted with love in our studio located in Hobart, Tasmania. As they have grown, they have partnered with various artisans around the world. They pride themselves on high quality yet affordable jewellery. They believe in developing their brands and products in a responsible manner and partner with manufacturers worldwide.  These manufacturers comply with their ethical standards of safe working environments, our labour policies and are sustainable companies. They are committed to manufacturing products in a responsible manner and have a very close relationship with all our constituents.

Hope you enjoyed this piece and guide on sustainable jewelleryAmrita Sur Photography

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